RIBUL - Confecção de Vestuário Interior
RIBUL - desde 1943

RIBUL, LDA. was Founded in August 7, 1943. It has always been dedicated to the manufacture of shirts, pyjamas and boxers for men and blouses for women.

The product manufactured since its beginning, has always been characterized by high quality. To aim this, the people who managed this company, sought to bring its manufacturing line with modernity needed to match the demand of the markets.

Its facilities located in Santiago Riba-Ul, Oliveira de Azeméis, were undergone with numerous improvements, taking into account the optimization of services, and improving the quality of working conditions

In the beginning the sales were directed to the national market and Africa, but since the 80's there has been a profound change, and the European Community market assumed overriding importance in sales volume up to the present day.

Currently, in addition to the Community market, the markets of the United States, Mexico and Australia are particularly important.